Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Patriotic Act Gets Albuquerque Man Sentenced

Peter Lynch of Albuquerque was sentenced for tearing down a Mexican flag flying inappropriately over the ROTC building on the campus of the University of New Mexico. You can read more about it here.

Lynch said he felt compelled to do something about the flag flying all alone, presumably for some type of campus event. The university said there was a communication breakdown that allowed the flag to fly alone most of the day.

For his patriotic act, Lynch was branded as a racist, and that he committed a racist act.


Anyone knows the flying a symbol such as a flag over another nations flag is provocative, to say the least.

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Bob said...

Thanks for posting news about the heroic and patriotic Peter Lynch, the Air Force veteran who took down a Mexican flag after he found it flying on U.S. soil without the Stars and Stripes flying high above it on the same -- or an adjacent -- flagpole on the University of New Mexico campus!

Despite the fact that a jury found him guilty of criminal damage to property, I say he did the right thing and should be pardoned by Gov. Bill Richardson. After all, people have fought and died for our flag!

That said, I invite all who feel the same way to join me in a new effort launched today.