Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Braum's

Today is Braum's 40th anniversary in Oklahoma. I have loved their dairy products since I was in high school way back in the '70's. While playing football for Nathan Hale, a friend and I would go to Braum's and eat banana splits hoping to gain some playing weight. But high metabolisms and all that extra work just burned off the extra calories.

One of the first girls I dated worked at Braum's just east of Sheridan on 31st Street.

Happy Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Braums!

I could not have gotten through pregnancy #3 without peanut butter cup, and they are still the best place to buy all kinds of dairy products. They have hormone free milk at the price of plain old messed up milk at the grocery store.

F. G. Onions, Esq. said...

Bill Braum came into being by industrial bond issue by an Oklahoma authority.
I was his account executive from the Daily Oklahoman at the beginning. He and I wrote all the ads that were writ.
He is a gentleman dairy farmer from Kansas and deserves the success he has achieved. I to love Braums stores and think I will run up and get a Strawberry Malt right now. Your post reminds us that other things than political and news busting breaking news are the real anchors in life. Thank You