Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tulsa Community College Tax Increase

Next Tuesday the voters of Tulsa County will have the opportunity to vote up or down on a proposed increase (both permanent and temporary) in millage for Tulsa Community College. This is to fund expansion of buildings and operations and maintenance.

Did you know that space is available, especially at the Northeast Campus?

Did you know that the people of Tulsa County fund our community college at a rate of 10 times more than the people of Oklahoma County are asked to fund their community college?

Did you know that if we vote in this tax increase, we will enable our state legislature to appropriate even less to TCC than before? (Tulsa will be short-changed by the state again!)

Did you know that if we vote in this tax increase, your property taxes will be permanently increased?

Did you know that TCC has been operating with a surplus for years?

Did you know that the voters gave TCC an additional $8 million with Vision 2025?

I like TCC. But they must learn to tighten their belts like we all must do.

The Tulsa Chigger will vote no on this permanent tax increase. The wrong tax at the wrong time!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Property tax increases unfairly tax only home owners, while renters do not directly pay those additional taxes (their rent increases only when the supply and demand of rental housing shifts).

Even if TCC needed the extra funds (which according to Tulsa Chiggers, they do not), increasing property taxes is not the fair way to do increase their funding.


pcsolotto said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

Wiley Post said...

So sad to see the same Tulsans voting down EVERY thing that can improve our city. The same people who voted down previous improvment sot the city are the ones who cry "NOT BEFORE OUR STREETS" , Well folks thee street improvements and funding other improvments are NOT mutually exclusive. You would probably enjoy living in some other sate where they ALSO refuse to improve there community, like harlem.

Anonymous said...

How about the $1000.00+ "per chair" used in the NE Campus Cyber@Lounge. Or the $900.00+ tables that went along wirh them...

The AnonymousInsider