Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Peter Principle and Politics

The 2 party system will ultimately elect a nominee for the election this fall, but almost two years into the election process there are no favorites.

With the Democrats effectively split and Obama's delegate count only a shade above Billary's, even the Republicans are having trouble. It seems that in North Carolina and in Indiana John McCain the apparent nominee had 26% and 22% respectively, Republicans voting against him!

Have both parties reached the Peter Principle? Have they elevated these people to their level of incompetence? I think so!

Is this the best this nation can do?

Has our nation, so defined to suffer under a strong Federal government since the outcome of the War between the States, reached its Peter Principle, and is now at its level of incompetence?

This election is ripe for a darkhorse candidate to come racing from the wings. Katy bar the door!

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