Thursday, September 20, 2007

Education Lottery Rolls the Dice

Since the first lady of Oklahoma, Kim Henry, is an educator, and certainly much better looking, it would seem that the spin doctors at the governor's mansion should allow her to be the spokesperson for the Oklahoma Education Lottery.

Only a scant few years ago Gov. Henry touted the Education Lottery as a significant new funding source for education in all its phases in Oklahoma. They projected an additional $150 million per year for education.

It has never come close to that projection. And now the director wants to lobby the state legislature to remove the mandatory 35% payout to education for the third year of the lottery. He thinks the payouts are too small and so people don't play.


Streamline your organization
Joint marketing efforts; a free lottery ticket with each Tulsa State Fair ticket
Fire the director
Advertise in niche media for target marketing
Research your market
Provide more interesting games
Hold Governor Henry accountable for touting this funding source.

1 comment:

Steven H. Roemerman Sr said...

How about, Get rid of the Lottery?