Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where's the Parade?

Sinclair Tulsa Refining

Located at 902 W. 25th

Sinclair has 260 full-time employees.

Sinclair bought the refinery in 1983 from Texaco U.S.A.

The refinery was built in 1910 by Texas Co., later called Texaco.

A huge ($1 billion) expansion will increase output and lower emissions

"This is huge for Tulsa. It's astronomical and potentially the largest private capital investment this community has had in decades, if not ever," said Mike Neal, chief executive officer of the Tulsa Metro Chamber.

Officials who study the industry "estimate this expansion to be in the $1 billion range or more," Neal said.

"We will significantly boost our output of gasoline and diesel fuels, provide for cleaner air in the city of Tulsa, employ a substantial increase in full-time work force and provide business opportunities to local companies who serve
the oil industry," said Kevin Brown, the refinery's executive vice president.

Neal said Sinclair's expansion bolsters Tulsa's global presence and "is proof the energy industry is alive and well in the Tulsa region."

This is the type of economic development that Tulsa needs. We get more jobs, cleaner air, and a more abundant future supply of gasoline and diesel. And we did not have to invest one dime of public money.

This story is perhaps the biggest to ever hit Tulsa in terms of private dollars invested.


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