Friday, September 28, 2007

Shepherds without a flock

Reverend Victor Orta, pictured here with two cohorts, must be a shepherd without a flock to guide. Otherwise, he should be ministering to his congregation and keep his reverend's nose out of blatant politics.

If his church has 501 c(3) status from which he is paid, the Treasury Department should investigate his church and consider revoking the tax exemption for a church engaging in political behavior to influence legislation.

He has the right of free speech, but leave off the reverend. Victor Orta should be voicing his own opinion, and not that of his church.


Anonymous said...

All of these susposed clerics who are complaining about Oklahoma's HB1804 are hypocrites!!

Their whinging is about lost dollars in the collection plate, nothing more and nothing less.

When the Federal government won't help keep the house invaders out of your home, then it was time for some local action. HB1804 has acheived closing the door and now it's time to keep it closed!

It's time for the rest to leave... including these fake clerics.


BellaDonna33 said...

OMG, I cant believe these bloggers! For years I would stand and declare that racism in our country was all but dead. As a white American, I truly believed that. Until a few years ago, when I witnessed the true evil of racial bigotry. I am so ashamed of My Home City "TULSA" I am so ashamed of many in my own family for their stand on HB 1804, I personally have never met the good man referenced in this blog, However I feel he has every right to stand for his community, be it political or otherwise. In fact I feel it IS his OBLIGATION! to take a stand for any injustice he may encounter. Just as, it is our obligation to do the same. But we have to many racists and cowards among us. When Hitler started in on the Jews no one cared and look what happened. This is only the beginning of a down slide in humanity. We all support immigration reform, including every Hispanic I know. However, when it promotes racial intolerance as this bill is doing, and paves the way for destruction for YOUR economy and mine. I must speak up. I challenge any one of you naysayers to read HB 1804, and truly consider what that will do to all Americans. Any sane person can see right through it. VIVA ORTIZ! I will scream from the top of my lungs! I for one am raising my children a hell of a lot better then any of you whom preach racism and criticize a Minister without knowing all the facts. That is just plain ignorance and you should all be ashamed!

Pamela said...

I know a couple from France that attends the church I do in Tulsa. They have been in the US since 1999 I believe. They have struggled to find the proper process to become legal citizens. They spoke with three attorneys that gave them wrong information. They finally found one a few months back that gave them the correct information. They immediately did what the attorneys advised them to do. The husband got his work permit this past week. The wife is waiting for hers. He knows English well. She knows basic English but has trouble with our slang terms. There are times when slang is used during a service and she will ask me what it means. They are learning our US history. They are closely following our politics. They cannot wait to be able to vote in the US. When I watch how they have worked so hard to do everything right it makes it difficult to have sympathy for those that want amnesty. It just is not fair to those that are going through the legal process.

I tried going through the government web site to figure out what a person needs to do to become a naturalized citizen. There is a lot and you better have a huge pile of change. One form cost $1000. I know it is a bare minimum of 7 years to be here. A spouse has to be here only 3 1/2 years. They must be able to financially support themselves. That is just the basic stuff. There are other qualifications and forms they must submit. I now understand how it can take an average of 10 years to become a naturalized citizen.

I am African American. We never got the 40 acres and a mule from the government as 'payment' for slavery. To think that people that are not legal will be able to get stuff that I as a legal citizen cannot is infuriating at best.

I never would have thought about the love of money coming into play with these so-called preachers. That indeed is probably their main motivation. The sad thing is from what I hear the English version of the Spanish paper is way tame compared to the Spanish version. I will never forget a caller that stated that on radio. These preachers could be lying to these people just to keep their monies coming in. That is the sad thing about this. Many of them are being taken advantaged of by being told lies about discrimination and profiling. They will be milked for life until they become legal citizens.

Brian said...

When America was a young nation, the immigrants that came here wanted to be AMERICAN. They came to America, learned the language and provided services that bettered America. They fought in wars as Americans, and they were proud of the hard work they did to make a new life in America, and the contributions they made to America. They wanted a chance to better themselves, they did not come here expecting America to give them what they wanted, they came expecting to earn it.
As an American of Mexican heritage the whining and claims of right violations by people in this country illegally sickens me. I love my country and have proudly served my country in the past, I also am proud of my heritage, it is what makes me who I am, an American. If they do not like the way they are treated here, they have the right to go home to their country. They should expect the same right here that I would receive as an illegal in their country.

Brandy said...

Since when is amnesty for undocumented workers a BAD idea? The simple fact is that most Hispanic immigrants are people who value family, and will do whatever they can to bring a better life for their family, including work the jobs that we won't. I will most certainly not work a blue collar job, and neither will most ppl with any ambition under the age of 35. Let them in! Learn some Spanish; it's fun, and will expand your minds. I say amnesty for all, immigrant haters be damned.
-and maybe the Reverend uses "Reverend" because loving thy neighbor is central to both our country's beliefs, and those of his God.