Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Fruit Falls Near the Tree

Norman Hsu

Gene Lum

With the recent revelations regarding Norman Hsu and his money laundering and influence peddling with the Clinton's, I am reminded of something else that happened long ago right here in Tulsa.

There was another Oriental with tons of money who suddenly appeared in Tulsa with his own oil & gas company, seemingly out of nowhere. His name was Gene Lum. PBS produced a show about this called the Fixers. The Lum's were suspected of corruption and funneling money to the Clinton's while Bill was president. It also involved Ron Brown, Mac McClarty and other Clinton cronies. And oh, btw, it also involved ONG our beloved gas monopoly here in Oklahoma.

Here are some examples:

Charles Chidiac

An attorney who claims Nora Lum bribed politicians on behalf of the Japanese mafia and took phone calls from the White House as the director of a shady Democratic fund-raising agency.

"She pays for power; she buys power."

Michael McAdams

A former Oklahoma gas company employee who claims Gene and Nora Lum said Nora was working for late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown when they allegedly fronted a transaction to protect high-ranking Democrats.

"This thing is so corrupt and so big, everybody is wanting to keep secrets quiet. Everybody's got secrets."

Ronald G. Miller

A former Oklahoma gas company executive who claims Gene and Nora Lum fronted a buyout of his business to avert a potentially explosive court case and protect high-ranking Democrats.

"When they'd sit down and meet with our employees, practically the first thing that would come out of their mouth is, `We're from Washington, and we're here to help.' My secretary came to me and said, `Ron, we're getting faxes from the White House.'"

Corruption runs deep in the Clinton political machinery.

A apple tree produces apples. Corruption produces corruption.

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