Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Education Issues Loom over Legislature

The number of bills winding there way though this legislative session that seek to tweak our educational system indicate that education remains a critical issue for Oklahomans. As we spend several billion dollars each year on it, and we continue to see mediocre results, it's no wonder.

Bills include one that would allow Indian tribes to sponsor charter schools. Another one would give you a tax credit for providing tuition to low-income students to attend a private school. Another one to raise teacher pay. Yet another to extend the school year and re-define it to measure hours of instruction, instead of days of instruction. And no doubt, there are more.

It doesn't do us any good to drop out or opt out of the political system. This is where reforms can be made, even if it is ever so slowly.

What has been foisted upon Oklahoma taxpayers is immoral. To take our tax dollars and give us sub-par results in return is outrageous. Get educated and get involved!

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