Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Proud Reaganite

I am certainly old enough to remember the lampooning by our entire national media of President Ronald Reagan's proposed missile defense shield in the '80's, they dubbed as "Star Wars". Thank God he was too principled a man to allow this to deter what he knew to be the right course for the defense of our nation.

I feel pride in our military accomplishment, with the U.S. missile strike against our defective spy satellite. With its decaying orbit, hurling around the earth at 17,000 mph, our navy fired a single missile from a cruiser, and by all accounts, it found its target and accomplished its mission. Well done!

I sleep better at night knowing that we have this defensive shield in place.

And I chuckle at the egg on the face of the media. Shame on you!


Pamela said...

I was younger but remember how the building of SDI began the original change in the USSR. I hope that Putin is paying attention to the shootdown of the sattelite. I pray that anyone that has some military sense will be our next president. Anyone that will pull troops out of a war while winning should not be the leader of our military. PERIOD.

Patrick said...

I met Reagan when I was 10 then he was my commander in chief in the 80s.An AEGIS test was used to demolish a cloaked satellite(probable but not undeniable).