Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ramblings on Romney

My good friend and former Tulsan now living in California sent me this information shortly after Fred Thompson dropped out of the Presidential race. He is a wise political pundit and articulate to boot.

"I never saw Fred creating a "firestorm" of passionate support in South Carolina. He is a conservative, but was never serious about running. It takes a person of high energy and willingness to take risks to run for President. I mean, the job only pays $400,000 and any good CEO can rent a helicopter. The inner fire comes from thinking that "I have the answer and I must win to solve the problem".

I have my absentee ballot in hand for the February 5th primary here in California. I will be making a mark next to Mitt Romney's name. I look at the overall qualifications of all the people in the race and Romney can win against Hillary. People have had a lot of choices so far, but as organization and money becomes an issue, the focus will narrow.

A lot of people hold his Morman beliefs against him. I listened to his speech on his church and he announced without hesitation and in a clear, strong voice: "I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior" and restated that he worshipped Christ and not any other deity. That is good enough for me. I am not voting for the Head Priest, I am voting for the President. Romney has the values and will appoint the types of judges we need to serve the Constitution instead of inventing it as they go along.

The Reagan Era is fading. In 1979 he presented a program that was revolutionary. Unlike other Cold War presidents, he proclaimed we could negotiate through increased strength and overwhelm the Soviets. This happened. He was conservative on taxes and wanted to decrease Government spending but Tip O'Neil and the Democrats spent on social programs while appropriating the money needed for a 700 ship Navy and implementation of MX missiles. He signaled to the Soviets he would talk, but it was "trust but verify".

The Republicans had 12 years holding both houses of Congress to implement the Reagan formula for smaller government. They caught the aphrodisiac of power and Lobbyist money and went along with "No Child Left Behind" and the "earmarked" Agriculture subsidy bill of 2005. Those 2 bills really bloated the budget at a time when we were supplying Iraq and the Mid East. That was the trade off for Democrat support on the war. The deficits are pure politics, and the pork is still being distributed in this election year. I believe Romney will use the veto pen, and I think he will call the bluff on the Democrats regarding Iraq. We are past the worst there and a Romney can effectively work in building an infrastructure. I mean, the guy went to China when he was with Bain Corporation and tried to buy a small appliance maker company. Ultimately the deal
wasn't done, but he is the only Presidential candidate that has hadto deal with the Chinese infrastructure at that level. The rest of these windbags except Rudy have been sitting around pontificating and pronouncing and haven't done a lick of work in their lives.

I am using a cold eyed, pragmatic view of the world we live in and think Romney is the kind of poker player we need to play these high stake games. The great thing about this country is that we have the freedom to decide for ourselves. As Will Rogers said " a difference of opinion is what makes missionaries and horse races"...."

It would certainly appear that the Reagan Revolution is fading away, but it's not gone yet!

Thanks Gary

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