Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Technologically Challenged

Being a part of the baby boom generation (I'm in the middle), it goes without saying that for the most part I am technologically challenged. Having just gotten familiar with the iPod, is it now time for the iPhone?

As Americans, we have come to expect rapid technological changes since that has been the pattern for our lifetimes. I for one rarely buy the latest gadget, but wait for the market to absorb it a bit and to allow time to get the kinks out. By the time I'm ready to buy, things have become a real bargain.

I've noticed that my sons have a short attentions span with new technology. The Playstation 3 purchased with such enthusiasm a few months ago, now sits idle. Good thing we didn't get the Xbox 360!

But technology has been a great tool for me as an entrepreneur. It's amazing what one or two people can do in a business that would have taken 8-10 people 20 years ago. Most of this is possible because of technology and especially the internet. Oh, and PayPal helps too!

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