Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The BEST Public High School in Tulsa

For all those parents and students interested in a fantastic quality college preparatory high school experience please check out Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences or TSAS as we like to call it. TSAS was started in the fall of 2001, at the same time of the renaming of McClain High School to Tulsa School of Science and Technology or TSST. Unfortunately, the two schools frequently get confused, and there couldn't be two more distinct or different centers of education.

TSAS was started by a group of long time educators from Memorial High School. Each person brought their own set of skills to the table and with a lot of vision and hard work, they achieved the goal of opening the first charter high school in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I can't tell you how enthusiastic all the teachers, parents and prospective students were at the time we were organizing and opening the school. The charter or contract to open the school was signed sometime in June 2001 and there was just over two months to get the school opened. Mind you the contract was just a signed piece of paper!

Over that two months with the help of many dedicated, skilled and motivated parents and students; staff were interviewed and hired, contracts drafted, policies formed and approved, grants were written, a building lease was secured, the building was remodeled, permits were acquired, advertising written, and so on and so on......

We were beggars that couldn't be choosey. We took on all interested students and ambitiously opened with all four grades of 9-12.

What we were able to achieve, most of all, was a true environment of learning. At TSAS it is cool to learn and to be smart. And it is cool if you are not, but you are just curious or just doing your best. I assure you that a learning environment is not available at 8 of the 9 traditional public high schools in Tulsa.

So all you parents just moving into the Tulsa area, or you Tulsa realtors, take note! Peruse the TSAS website and you will get a feel for what the future of Tulsa public education looks like today.

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