Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Big Big Day

As I sit here writing this Blog, my oldest son is in Oklahoma City proposing to his girlfriend of five-plus years. He has meticulously planned this event down to the smallest detail, and from the size of the ring and considering the level of detail, I must say, he's doing it right. It's not like they are rushing into this thing!

It really doesn't seem that long ago that I worked myself into a fit to muster the courage to ask his mom to marry me. I was in T-Town, living on the Northeast side and I drove the highway system to 56th & Lewis in my 1970 Chevelle with ring and flowers in hand. I was nervous. Would she say yes? What would this mean to my life?

Besides my mother, I had never uttered the words "I Love You" to any girl, until I met her. I reserved them for the one I did and do love, and not to gain any unfair advantage. I believe in honesty in relationships. I did then and I do now.

Well, she did say yes. And that was a big, big day for me. It marked a real turning point in my life. Until I met her, I wasn't really looking to get married and had never really been serious in any relationship. From that time, I was not just looking out for myself. Someone else entered the picture and it was a pivotal, expanding thing for me.

That all happened over 24 years ago....... in a galaxy far far away.

I do hope she says yes. And I do hope this goes down as a big, big day in my son's life.

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