Thursday, March 31, 2005

Let the Good Times Roll

I was listening to the local radio station this morning (1170) KFAQ and was keenly listening to County Commissioner Randi Sullivan(oops! I mean Miller, sorry). She is one of three Tulsa County Commissioners who together wield a tremendous amount of power locally.

At least we got an answer to one of my previous questions, which to paraphrase was: Since we have been collecting the Vision 2025 tax now for over one year, where is it going? Or rather, Mayor Bill LaFortune promised Tulsans "cranes in the air", his euphemism for serious construction projects underway. Well now, Commissioner Sullivan let it be known that the current construction projects are now underway in Jenks and Broken Arrow!

I have yet to see anything substantial underway here in T-Town. A local news station reported that Mayor LaFortune's approval ratings are 60%! I can't believe that I could be so out of touch with the supposed "mainstream" citizenry.

A friend of mine last night told me about how the local government operates down under. You know, in Australia. All the business, by law, have to close down at 5:30 in the evening. In order to stay open later, they have to pay a fee to the city! Oh My Gosh, there's a new revenue stream that our elected officials haven't thought of, or at least, not that I have heard about.

I think Tulsa needs to seriously capitalize on our unbelievable musical heritage. And not just jazz, but r&b, rock, country, country-swing, etc. The list of famous singers and musicians from Oklahoma is fantastic. They include people like, Leon Russell, Dwight Twilley, Garth Brooks, Patti Page, Bob Wills, Roy Clark, Gene Autry, the GAP band, the Tractors, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Christen Chenoweth, and on and on..... The people here are very musical. Heck, we even have the Sweet Adelines. It must be something in the water.

Let the good times roll!


MichaelBates said...

The County Commissioner's name is Randi Miller. Randy Sullivan is the Chairman of the City Council.

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