Monday, March 14, 2005

Into the Oblivion

It was a sad day when the Tulsa Tribune ceased its publication. That left T-Town with only one daily newspaper, the Tulsa World. In America, we thrive on competition. With the press, it is a necessity to our republic.

In the meantime, the World has be slowly and steadily declining. It became more and more liberal in its coverage and editorials. It was more and more out of step with Tulsans and Oklahomans who have become more conservative in the eyes of a sneering public. Heck, George carried every single county in Oklahoma in the 2004 election. Talk about a blue state!

Finally, I had enough and stopped taking it about a year ago. It was my own little protest. I hated to deny the paper-deliverer his due (he did deliver the paper consistently for years), but I quickly got over that. I must say I never missed the paper.

Well, yesterday my wife picked up a paper to check out something in the religion section. Trouble was, it wasn't there (what we were looking for not the religion section). We both scanned each section which only took a few minutes. Although we never found what we were seeking, we did discover how little there was in the paper. It has shrunk in size noticably. The coverage is "lite". Nothing of real substance. The typical liberal tripe. Very few classified ads.

The Tulsa World is supposed to serve a purpose. It should be a beacon to keep the citizens of Tulsa informed. They have completely fallen down on that responsibility. It has become a tool of inertia in a city that desperately needs reforming. But maybe, just maybe we will feel the winds of change in the air.

There's a weekly paper that started a year or so ago, called the Tulsa Beacon. I heard somewhere that they may go to a daily format later this year. I hope so. T-Town could sure use it.

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