Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fast Food Heaven

Tulsa has the reputation of having just about the perfect demographics for a business to test its products. We are pretty close to the "typical" American city, whatever that means. A few years ago, Tulsa was selected to be the test market for a new type of Pepsi. I don't remember now which one, but I do remember it was $.99 per six-pack at K-Mart. And it was name brand pop.

Well, the same goes for fast food joints. They seem to just pop up anywhere and everywhere. You name it, and we have it, Subway, McDonalds, Wendy's, Dominos, Mazzios, Taco Bueno, Taco Bell, Taco Mayo, Taco Tico, Goldies, KFC, Church's, Sonic, Braums, Charlies Chicken, Hardens, Webers, Bogies, and on and on......

But you know, there's one thing about Tulsans. We are very persnickety when it comes to our food. And we are merciless on things that are boring or just average. We all have lost count of the restaurants that have come and gone over the past twenty plus years. But we still have some that have been here more than thirty! What's the difference?

What do places like Casa Bonita, The Spudder, Goldies and Mazzios have in common? I can't tell. Maybe you know. It's not the obvious food, since Casa Bonita has long since been eclipsed by more notorious Tex-Mex food like Chimis and such. Maybe its the perceived value of the food we receive, yeah, that may be it! I once spotted a cockroach at Spudders and its been going well over twenty years. I've seen more pop and pizza mysteriously disappear in the Mazzios carpeting to last me multiple lifetimes (where is that carpet manufactured anyway? is it a magic carpet??).

Well, all that fast food over the years has to account for at least twenty extra pounds on me. Yeah, I want to blame them for it. Good thing we have LaFortune Park for me not to jog around and lose some weight. Forget Riverparks or Mohawk, you'll just get attacked at one of those places, even in broad daylight.

Hey all you entrepreneurs! Put on your thinking caps and come up with a new fast food to try out on us Okies. But skip the fish tacos, please!

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