Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Face That Would Sink A Thousand Ships

With smoke curling around him, this Lebanese Islamist stands outside a burning Danish embassy in Beirut. His hair is as frazzled as his mind. His soiled headband masks his bitter attitude. Dark, sunken eyes are windows into a soul filled with hate. We can only imagine what horror he speaks with those lips.

This is a face that would sink a thousand ships. (If given half a chance)

All of this over some cartoons. Cartoons, he thinks that attack everything he is about. Americans are baffled by this behavior.

We have absolutely no part with people like this. They are as foreign to us as people from outer space. Oil and water don't mix. We don't understand them, and even if we did would not like to be around them. We certainly don't have any business supporting them.

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