Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tulsa's Photogenic Democrat Candidates for Mayor

Has anyone else noticed how non-photogenic our candidates for mayor are? In this blog I will focus on the two leading Democrat candidates.

Here is Don McCorkell:

By the way, it was not easy to find a straight-on frontal picture of Mr. McCorkell. This was the best one I could find. His website has a noticable lack of pictures of him. You can check that out here.

Here are some more photos of Kathy Taylor:

Now here's a picture for posterity, Kathy Taylor and Dan Boren. Why are they smiling?

And this one's from 2004, possibly not her best year;

And all I can say here is nice pearls!

I apologize for my shallowness and sense of humor. This phenomenon is not just with the Democrat candidates, I assure you!

Of these two, regardless of looks, I endorse Don McCorkell. By the way, he just picked up an endorsement from Just Progress, a Democratic PAC for what that's worth.

Here is their opening:

Just Progress, PAC (JP), a Democratic Political Action Committee organized by citizens for political integrity and a just society, endorses Don McCorkell, Jr. for Mayor of the city of Tulsa.

No doubt, McCorkell has a better platform and would make a fair to good mayor, maybe better.

What say you?


meeciteewurkor said...

heh.. Dan Boren looks like a cheese dog..
Does he have makeup on??

D.Schuttler said...

Maybe Boren and Taylor are smiling over the deal they have for Kathy's daughter work for him in D.C.

Anonymous said...

I don't vote based on looks - although it is tempting at times - but I never vote for a lawyer. I remember seeing some campaign signs a couple of years ago where the candidates motto was simply - NOT A LAWYER. It sure got my attention.

Anonymous said...

I say that he would be a good one to get on the side of your charter schools. Though a democrat, he seems to at least want to mention the TPS failures. It is past time for city hall to get involved in Tulsa area education. Since Union and Jenks public schools (in Tulsa proper) are doing swell, TPS would be the logical benefactor of his help.

Anonymous said...

So why do you use the noun form - Democrat instead of the adjective - Democratic? Is this some political statement?

Anonymous said...

Yes. McCorkle is running in the primary as a democrat. As democratic as that seems, it is the way of the world. Democrats, those of the democratic party, generally support the NEA's position that Charter Schools are bad public policy.

Jus4Tulsa said...

Let's talk about McCorkle. From a newbie to the state who was asked "You Moved TO TULSA?"when we moved here 2 yrs ago for hubbies job, I have been less than impressed with OK-old-schoolers (Fortune and McCorkle). Give me action and business know-how (i.e., Taylor)... after losing many professional jobs in Tulsa, who's going to buy all the new houses Fortune's friends have built in the area???

Anonymous said...

What was that somebody said about not voting for lawyers in a previous post.........hmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

i fully intended to vote for Don...until he started the mud slinging. i don't vote on looks, or pictures, but on record and integrity. Don flunks out on the latter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above, I was a fan of Don's until he pulled the slinging stunt yesterday, I don't trust him anymore. In fact, I don't know who to trust other than Kathy. She hasn't been sleeping with the city council, she doesn't mud sling, and she isn't trying to smear Chief Been.

Anonymous said...

Are you all drinking Kool-ade?Over 95% of all people who run for a political office have a lawyer's license.Historically speaking lawyers have been always seeking a political office. Economic progress depends on how that representative can work with a pile of manure and convert it into a cashcrop.You have to look into who contributes into the representative.Roscoe Turner, District 2 councillor, backs McCorkell's platform. Turner was one of the councillors who voted against annexing areas that are near Tulsa such as Turley.These residents use Tulsa utilities but don't have to pay taxes that we Tulsans have to pay.In other words, they're getting something for nearly nothing.Also Turner voted with Medlock and Mautino against the addition of a bank at 15 & Utica.Medlock who is running on the republican ticket is not very progressive with the development of Tulsa.Think it over really carefully about who you want in the mayor's seat. LaFortune is only going by his family name and uses a quasi"Clinton" attitude as to what would be good to support.The interpretation is simple for him whichever way the wind blows.Miller may have backing from the FOP over LaFortune but she appears to not really have an economic plan.What I know is from friends who work for the police department,Lafortune only did this to make something out of nothing.Having a few friends on the SWAT team they are glad to get rid of the Captain after all these years.The problem is not with Chief Been if it wasn't for LaFortune's press conultants then he wouldn't have known about the rally we had.Let the buffalo chips fly!

Anonymous said...

"over 95% of all people who run for a political office have a lawyers license"..... wonder if that's contributing to the political quagmire out there?

you say tomatoe, i say tohmahtoh, you say lawyer, i say lowyer.

Anonymous said...

It always takes a square peg to turn the political mainstream even they never get elected.for an example,Ralph Nader,Ross Perot and on a small potatoe scale...Paul Tay and Accountability Burns.They'll never amount to anything or make any difference.They only make you look once and it's good for political humor.Polls really don't amount to a thing only to project what they want you to think and eventually you'll regret who you elected.The old adage rules"You can't complain if you didn't vote at all".I always look at the contributors to the candidates.Be sure of who backs these candidates.The media is funded and fueled into who has money to advertise. Oligarchy appears to still in reign and working in the areas of Tulsa where the candidate lives.55th and Lewis is a good example,I don't have to make you think who lives near there and a traffic light is at that spot.A perfect example of wasting city money.
Miller has not advertised extensively but has complete F.O.P. support.She may seem not as outspoken as Medlock and Taylor will be probably looking for mud in Mccorkle's legislative voting record.It's just more entertainment advertising and I'm sure she can afford it.