Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kudo's to Bateline.com

Michael Bates has done it again! He has scooped the Tulsa Whirled.

I heard the story on KFAQ this morning about Kathy Taylor and the allegation that she voted in the same 2000 Federal election in 2 different states, Oklahoma and Florida.

While I can understand the apparent oversight of filing for homestead exemption in both states, but voting in two states is another matter completely.

That is voter fraud and a felony. Why didn't the MSM pick up on this, after all, they have tremendous resources....

Proof again of the value of Tulsa Bloggers volunteer citizen journalists seeking the stories untold by the MSM. This humble band of merry men are doing a real service for Tulsans.

What's your input to help Tulsa bloggers become even more effective?


Anonymous said...

Wonder if such actions are violations of the Oklahoma State Bar Associations code of ethics?

With regard to bloggers - keep up the good work Tulsa Bloggers! Grass roots activism is usually very effective because the parties aren't generally beholden to advertising dollars, campaign contributors, conflicts of interest, paychecks, etc. etc.

Honestly "J" said...


Red Bug said...

"Payola" used to be a major political topic, the idea that a politicians vote could be influenced by money....

How sad it is to see how pervasive and normal payola is in our current political environment. I wonder what politics would be like if you could only serve one term. One and then you are out. Maybe then, politicians would focus on real issues and making life better than furthering a political career!

Anonymous said...

I know this may not be reality but I think that anybody running for office, depending upon the office they are running for, should be alloted a maximum and equal amount of funds to use for campaigning. All campaign contributions should be totally anonymous.

Each candidate should be given an equal amount of free public air time and TV time to solicit the voters in public debate forums aired in their respective markets -whether it is a local, State, or national campaign.

We need to somehow take the bribery out of politics!! I have a very hard time trusting any politician with my ONE vote (not two....hehehe) knowing they are likely paying more attention to the highest bidder.

We need to find a way to open up the political market base. It can't continue to be controlled by the good ol' boys network or the wealthy connected.

Mrs. Advocate

Anonymous said...

Talking Points On Attacks

McCorkell should pull down his attack ad; it’s just a smear on her integrity and her character

Used to be for McCorkell, now for Kathy Taylor because of these nasty personal attacks by Don McCorkell

Politics of personal destruction

McC is not being rational; this is a guy who put nearly $1 million of his own money into a campaign for a job that pays about $100,000 a year and the polls show him way behind

He’s desperate

Don McCorkell can’t win on the issues, so he’s just attacking Kathy Taylor

I’m embarrassed and ashamed for the Democratic Party

McC is just tearing this city apart with these attacks – if he were to become mayor we’d just see more of the same at City Hall

Don McCorkell brags about serving in the legislature for 18 years, but what he doesn’t tell you is that he used those connections to line his own pockets once he left

He become a lobbyist for Commercial Financial Services, Tulsa’s own Enron-like financial disaster – while working for CFS he got them $120 million in state tax breaks

He also lobbied for another failed business venture – Great Plains Airlines, which cost state taxpayers millions of dollars – and also received many state tax breaks

Then McCorkell helped develop a couple of power plants, which also received property tax breaks from the state legislature

Don McCorkell is for higher taxes… in the legislature he voted to increase sales taxes, insurance premiums, business taxes, gas taxes, liquor taxes, personal income taxes, health care provider taxes, hotel taxes, grocery taxes… the list goes on and on, but he seems to have a problem paying his own taxes. Records show he has had problems with the Oklahoma Tax Commission and the IRS.

Anonymous said...

McCorkell has support from one in the gang of five councillors. Roscoe wants him and that means more economic regression for Tulsa.Mccorkell will only march to the tune of the gang of five.We don't need "Our Gang" politics with Stymie,a.k.a.Roscoe causing 6 more years of being in economic turmoil.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would check to see if Kathy was a Florida resident while serving as director of comerence. We dont need outsiders to control our state or make desisions for "true" Oklahoman's. I also wonder if she is on the board of her husband's co or owns stock. That would be a VERY self-serving position! We'll See!

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